25 Years of BPA Search

“Many things have changed over the past 25 years; we no longer physically type and post CVs or use couriers so that they reach a client quickly. We no longer rely on being at our desks to call a client and we no longer write adverts for national newspapers (hoping for responses).

Now we can reach people around the world in a matter of minutes, we use LinkedIn, we use email; people prefer to receive messages rather than calls. Until recently, we lived in a world where someone’s word was their bond, now, as GDPR rapidly approaches, we need to provide physical evidence of our trustworthiness. Given the recent developments with Facebook, I guess GDPR has come along just at the right time.

25 years ago, tax technical skills were the single most important competency required. Now, these are just one of a long list of skills that are required to be a successful, modern-day tax professional.

After setting up on my own in 1993, I spent 15 years as, what one client described ‘my recruitment bachelor days’. The best work decision I ever made, in the midst of the worst recession we had seen for years in 2008/2009, was to start to build a small team. Since then BPA has grown in revenue by over 200% and I’m proud to say that we now offer a truly global recruitment service to our clients.

During the past 25 years, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the need to build relationships. The need to really get to know clients and what they are looking for; the need to be seen as a credible and trusted adviser; and the need to provide a first-class service. In many ways, I feel that these skills were honed in the days when you had to physically speak to people and meet with them. Before email, you had to provide feedback (good or bad) directly to someone.

I believe to be successful in recruitment today involves a combination of old-school values of reputation and integrity, combined with modern recruitment methods & techniques.

It will be interesting to see how recruitment will operate in another 25 years… I’ll let you know!”

Barrie Pallen