BPA NexGen

We are excited to share information about a new initiative we have just launched at BPA, called BPA NexGen.

As the tax market continues to shift and change around us, we feel it is important to provide clients with the most innovative & responsive tax recruitment solutions.

Since starting BPA in 1993, one of the toughest levels to recruit at has been at newly qualified / assistant tax manager. This is generally because these individuals are at a point in their career where they are not actively considering a move – particularly the real high-fliers who are progressing very well in their current employer. As a result, these people are not looking at advertisements or replying to LinkedIn requests.

When we set up BPA, we decided that we would deliberately not recruit for any accountancy or law firms across the globe. This has been invaluable for our multinational corporate clients when recruiting tax professionals at any level, in any area of specialism & in any major city around the world.

We are now taking this one step further.

BPA NexGen offers young, talented tax professionals the chance to informally meet with tax leaders of major corporates, in any major city that is of interest to them.

From the young tax professional’s perspective, this is an opportunity to have a totally informal ‘coffee and a chat’ with a member of a company’s tax leadership (without the need to prepare a CV) to find out what life is like ‘in-house’, gain a better understanding of the company culture, where the company is heading & the Tax team structure. This is also a chance to talk about yourself, relay your thoughts about how you see your career developing & to ask the sort of questions you do not normally have to chance (or feel comfortable) to ask in an interview situation.

For the Tax Leaders of these businesses, this is about building relationships with future talent. These are the sort of individuals you will want in your Team, the tax leaders of the future. The young tax professionals can, for example, be geographically-mobile tax professionals interested in a truly international tax/finance career.

You, the corporate client, can specify what specialisms/level of experience/location may be of particular interest to you (for example TP, tax technology or customs). We aim to just introduce you to, who we think, are the most talented tax professionals for the future.

It is a new way of recruiting and we believe it to be the way forward for reaching & attracting high potential tax professionals and future leaders. If you would like to learn more, please do get in touch with a member of the BPA team today.

If you are working in a major law or accountancy firm (or you are already working ‘in-house’) and you would like the opportunity to informally meet tax leaders of specific major corporates, please let us know.