Brexit and The Tax Market

The impact of Brexit on the tax market is still unclear, but companies are beginning to see clients and customers making business decisions in order to avoid the perceived risks related to Brexit. One aspect that is evident when it comes to Brexit, is that new processes will be introduced for businesses that trade from or with the UK. What these systems will look like remains unknown, however, we are expecting to see a considerable level of change for the European trade market over the coming years.  

In regard to recruitment and Brexit, we are predicting a high demand for more Customs and VAT specialists. As UK and EU legislation starts to diverge employers will have a need for individuals that are confident in both aspects, making such specialists invaluable to any organisation that trades within Europe.

So far in 2017, we are seeing continuing demand from Europeans looking for UK based roles at senior management levels and above. The fall in sterling has offset initial uncertainty post-referendum, and the UK remains one of the few countries continuing to create jobs within Europe.