To build a gender diverse pool of future tax leaders

BPA was contacted by a member of the Executive Tax Leadership team of a major multinational company to build a pipeline of high-calibre candidates for the future.

Key challenges

  • This pool of candidates had to be gender diverse, high-performing and possess leadership traits.
  • To raise awareness of the client’s brand so they were the ‘go to’ in-house tax department for tax professionals.
  • The positions were for future, not current vacancies.

Overcoming these challenges

  • Having specialised in tax recruitment for so long, we knew immediately who to reach out to. From newly qualified level and upwards, we are frequently speaking to high achievers in Tax who consult with us about their long-term career choices. This way, we know who to contact and at the right time. We undertook a variety of sourcing methods including database search, candidate mapping and headhunting, online advertising, marketing and utilising our network for referrals.
  • For each person that was spoken to, we ensured the client’s brand and market position was communicated accurately to the candidates, to raise awareness of the business and to attract the relevant people. This was aided by the fact that we took the time to meet with the company to discuss their core values and how this translated to the culture of the Tax department, why they feel they are an employer of choice & what they enjoy most about their role.


Potential applicants who were spoken with, valued and felt reassured by the insight we could offer. This demonstrated a deep and thorough understanding about the opportunity. It built both trust and credibility with people who are regularly contacted by recruiters (and who are often reluctant to engage in a conversation with recruitment consultants). 

A small number of relevant tax professionals were identified and contacted by BPA and subsequently interviewed. Interestingly, around 80% of these people were not ‘actively looking’ for a new job or even had updated CVs!  

A selection of people we recommended to the client were subsequently hired over an 18 month period and the client valued this sustained, thorough yet patient approach.

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