Interview with Lucienne Ndong, International Tax Recruiter at BPA Search

What is your role at BPA?

My role involves recruiting international tax professionals across all specialisms for multinational companies. I handle multiple tax recruitment projects across Europe and Latin America. As a French national, I am also accountable for all of our tax search assignments in France.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

It might sound like a “cliché”, but what gets me out of bed in the morning is knowing that I am doing a meaningful job that helps my clients to recruit talented tax professionals and helps candidates to find a great career opportunity. It is very rewarding to know that all parties involved in the recruitment process are happy.

It also a real pleasure for me to speak to (and get to know) people from different countries & cultures. Every day is different.

If you weren’t in recruitment what would you be doing?

To be honest, back then when I was a student, I did not know what sort of career I was looking for.

I found myself in recruitment because I am a people-oriented person, I wanted to do something that helps people to develop themselves in their workplace and, last but not least, I am curious & I love asking questions! I enjoy my job, and, in fact, this month I am celebrating my 5th work anniversary at BPA. I just cannot see myself doing anything else other than recruitment.

How are you anticipating the tax market will change in the next five years?

Tax technology is becoming a big topic and will certainly change the tax market in the next five years. There have been so many tax scandals globally over the last decade and as a result, tax professionals are being challenged to find solutions against tax avoidance, fraud etc. Tax technology, blockchain will be key drivers to change and allow more tax transparency in our economy.

What is your one piece of advice for tax professionals looking to advance their career?

I would say that adaptability to change and business partnering skills are the two important things that tax professionals (and professionals as a whole) should genuinely take into account, to advance their career.

  • Adaptability to change is crucial as companies are looking for people who can adapt to changes and drive changes in their organisation. Besides, the tax world is changing so new skills are / will be required (e.g. tax technology). It is important to embrace change and to be open-minded and flexible.
  • Companies do not only look for strong technical skills, they are also seeking for candidates who are business-oriented; able to build strong business relationships across the organisation. Soft skills are now as important as technical skills, probably more so!

For more information or to get in touch, please contact Lucienne Ndong at: / +44 7788 433749